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Under the title (Environment is Our Responsibility) His Excellency the Minister of Environment launches the “Environmental Pioneers” initiative

His Excellency Sheikh Faleh Bin Nasser Al-Thani, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Launched the “Environmental Pioneers” initiative. Titled “The Environment is Our Responsibility”. Which aims to involve various individuals and institutions in the society, to face the challenges of climate change. And to preserve Qatar’s innate environment and biodiversity.

During a visit by the ministry delegation to the company’s laboratories, a collaborative effort was established between the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and Exxon Mobil

A team from the Environmental Monitoring and Inspection Department of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change visited the Research and Studies Center of Exxon Mobil at the Oasis of Science and Technology. The team was briefed on the laboratories and analysis facilities dedicated to environmental studies within the company.