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Environmental Innovation and Creativity Award

For ministry employees

Idea of the Initiative

The idea of the Environmental Innovation and Creativity Award emerged to encourage employees of the ministry to think in a creative way, and to create a stimulating and motivating work environment for thinking and innovation. This is achieved by allowing them to present their improvement and pioneering initiatives and proposals.
The idea is based on applying the concepts and requirements of creativity and innovation within the government work system as an urgent necessity, given the increasing magnitude of challenges faced by the ministry in executing its operations. This aims to elevate the quality of the ministry’s performance and provide its services at a level that exceeds the desires and expectations of the service recipients, which has become a hallmark of successful global governments.

Description of the Initiative

This is an encouraging and motivating initiative for ministry employees to think creatively and enhance their competitive capabilities among themselves. It aims to attract innovative ideas and development projects that contribute to improving the ministry’s performance, positively impacting the development and enhancement of services provided to the public. Additionally, it seeks to foster and enrich a culture of innovation at the national level. Ideas and developmental initiatives are welcomed, refined within a general framework to make them applicable and capable of bringing about change. These initiatives contribute to improving work, societal development, enhancing services provided by the ministry, and creating a work environment that encourages development, creativity, and innovation.

Goals of the Initiative

  • To motivate ministry employees to think creatively, engage in innovative work, and break the routine in the government sector.
  • Enhancing and enriching a culture of innovation among them and creating a work environment that fosters a spirit of creativity and innovation.
  • Attracting ideas and developmental initiatives that are applicable and capable of bringing about change.
  • Improving institutional performance and services provided to the public.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Resolving an existing issue that there is agreement on the need to solve.
  • A wide range of the public and various segments of society benefit from it.
  • Improving and enhancing the level and quality of service or services provided by the ministry and achieving administrative/technical excellence.
  • Applicable, with a suitable and reasonable implementation cost.
  • Utilizing the available resources within the ministry and ensuring the sustainability of the idea in a sustainable manner.
  • Content that covers the essential points, designed professionally, and is easily understandable.
  • An engaging and motivating style, clear and within the specified timeframe.


  • First Place: Prize of 10,000 Qatari Riyals
  • Second Place: Prize of 6,000 Qatari Riyals
  • Third Place: Prize of 4,000 Qatari Riyals

Deadline for initiative registration: 30/10/2023
For inquiries, please contact us via email:
Register for the Innovation and Creativity Initiative.

Participation in the innovation & creativity initiative