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Quick response from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to a report of a spot in the territorial waters

The Monitoring and Inspection Department, in cooperation with the Marine Protection Department at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, responded to a report of a red spot in the Qatari territorial waters. This response was undertaken by a specialized team from the Water Environment Quality division, who collected environmental samples for examination and result extraction.

Examination and study conducted in the specialized laboratories of the Monitoring and Inspection Department revealed that the reported spot is an ecological marine phenomenon known as the ‘red tide.’ This occurrence is caused by the proliferation of specific types of plankton or plant algae in the sea waters, resulting in a noticeable change of watercolor to red. This reddish color is attributed to the plant algae that triggered this phenomenon.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change affirmed that it received a report about the red spot in the Qatari territorial waters. The ministry’s relevant entities swiftly assembled a specialized team equipped with state-of-the-art devices and field equipment. This team embarked on a 6-hour sea journey for the purpose of monitoring and collecting samples to examine the phenomenon. It was confirmed that this is a natural occurrence known as a ‘red tide,’ and there is no industrial pollution present in the Qatari waters.

This falls within the framework of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s commitment and dedication to preserving both the marine and terrestrial environments and preventing any type of pollution that could harm the living organisms within both ecosystems. This is accomplished through its specialized teams and experts in various relevant fields. The ministry’s apparatus is known for its swift response to all incoming reports, and it approaches every phenomenon occurring in Qatar’s local environment with utmost seriousness. These incidents are thoroughly studied and scientifically examined, contributing to the conservation and sustainability of Qatar’s environment.

The ministry’s agencies are also on high alert to combat all phenomena that could adversely affect the local environment, whether industrial or natural, and which could lead to pollution of the local environment or disrupt the ecological balance in the state of Qatar.