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وزير البيئة والتغير المناخي يزور معرض سهيل

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change visits Suhail International Falconry Exhibition

Minister of Environment and Climate Change, paid a visit to Katara International Hunting and Falconry Sixth Exhibition “Suhail 2022”, where he was briefed on the collection of falcons, and the various exhibits of weapons and supplies for hunting, trips, and camping carried by the sixth edition of the exhibition.

He also reviewed the Ministry’s pavilion and listened to an explanation of the contents presented by 180 local and international companies from different countries of the world, specializing in the field of falconry and its related items, by organizers of the exhibition.

The Minister presented a shield to Dr. Khalid Bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Katara International Hunting and Falconry Sixth Exhibition “Suhail 2022” and Director General of the Cultural Village Foundation “Katara”. 

On this occasion, Mr. Farhoud Al Hajri, Director of the Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, said that this participation -which is the first of its kind- for the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, is a presentation of the Ministry’s achievements through the pavilion, and an orientation for the public on the awareness role of environmental protection, preservation, and sustainability, furthermore, it facilitates the procedures for importing falcons for participating at the exhibition.
In addition to receiving requests for issuing falcon documents, printing and delivering documents to their owners, through the window (booth) dedicated to bird documents requests in the ministry’s pavilion, receiving requests for re-export certificates, and printing and delivering the re-export certificate to the falcons participating in the exhibition.

The exhibition witnessed a large presence and wide participation of 180 local, regional and international companies specializing in hunting weapons, hunting supplies, falcons, and trips, representing the State of Qatar, and 20 countries from different continents.
In addition to the participation of a number of ministries, agencies, and official bodies that record their prominent presence, through the great facilities and distinguished services it provides.


It is worth noting that the Ministry, represented by the Public Relations Department, the Wildlife Development Department, the Natural Reserves Department, the External Reserves Department, and the Wildlife Protection Department, may participate in the Katara International Hunting and Falconry Sixth Exhibition “Suhail 2022”, which will continue until the 10th of this September.



The Ministry’s pavilion participating in the exhibition includes a display of the production of Houbara Bustard birds (Chlamydotis Undulata), and a presentation of the production of Houbara external reserves – whether inside or outside Qatar – where birds and animals threatened with extinction are produced, with the aim of preserving them and releasing them in the wild.
Finally, the Nature Reserves Department informs the public of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, often referred to as the CITES Agreement; an agreement under the auspices of the United Nations, regulating international trade between the state parties in some species of wild species threatened with extinction, to which the State of Qatar acceded in 2001.