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During its participation in the book fair, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change launches four new environmental editions

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change launched today four educational and informative editions to support the Qatari environment during its participation in the 32nd edition of the Doha International Book Fair, held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.

The four editions included methods of conserving the natural environment, introducing the problems and causes of desertification, raising awareness about important waste recycling methods, as well as showcasing the state’s efforts in preserving the environment and highlighting the major types of pollution. The ministry aims, through these editions, to spread environmental awareness among members of the Qatari community.

In this context, Dr. Mohammed bin Saif Al Kuwari, the expert at the Office of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, stated that over 500 copies have been printed, which are currently being offered at the ministry’s booth in the book fair to all visitors. Additionally, work is underway to print additional copies. He also mentioned that the ministry will distribute some of these editions to schools and youth centers, contributing to increasing environmental awareness among the local community.

Dr. Saif Al Kuwari further emphasized that these editions provide, for the first time, an introduction to all members of the local community regarding their important duties and responsibilities towards the Qatari environment. This contributes to each individual playing their role in preserving and developing the environment, based on the ministry’s belief in the importance of collective efforts by all members of society to conserve and sustain its biodiversity.

Dr. Mohammed bin Saif Al Kuwari added that the first edition focuses on the Qatari terrestrial environment and contains guidelines on the important methods of conserving the terrestrial environment, including rare local trees, shrubs, and plants that must be preserved and propagated. He noted that the edition provides awareness in a simple language that everyone can understand. It also emphasizes the preservation of the soil from which these plants grow, whether during camping or hiking trips. Additionally, the edition introduces important endangered local trees and plants, as well as the nature reserves in the country, such as Al-Arnab, Al-Faras, Sa’id, Rashid, and others.

Regarding the second edition, the expert at the Office of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change states that this edition focuses on local waste and recycling methods. The brochure introduces members of the local community to various types of waste, including plastic, metal, glass, and food waste. It also highlights the important ways to utilize and recycle these waste materials, which contributes to reducing household expenses and supporting their economic aspect.

He also pointed out that the third edition showcases Qatar’s efforts in environmental conservation. It provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the major sources of pollution that should be avoided during daily activities. This contributes to safeguarding the overall health of all residents of Qatar. Moreover, it discourages any behavior that harms the local environment or serves as a source of pollution.

He further explained that the fourth edition provides a comprehensive understanding of desertification, including its causes and the risks it poses to the global environment and its impact on humans and Earth’s resources. It also sheds light on the consequences of climate change and rising temperatures. He emphasized that this booklet contributes to supporting the vision of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change regarding the importance of citizen engagement in local environmental issues and understanding them. By doing so, individuals become part of the solution and take responsibility for addressing these problems.

The booth of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is distinguished by showcasing a collection of Qatari environmental books that address both the terrestrial and marine environments. These books aim to familiarize Qatari citizens with the important living organisms and biodiversity in Qatar, as well as the methods of preserving them. The displayed books also highlight the risks facing these organisms and the efforts of the state in conserving them and promoting their reproduction.

Moreover, the booth provides a comprehensive introduction to the nature reserves in Qatar, which cover a significant portion of the local environment, including both terrestrial and marine areas. It also highlights the state’s plans for expanding these reserves and working towards their conservation and protection from any harm or encroachments. Additionally, there is an exhibition of all the legislation and laws issued by the state to preserve these reserves.

The booth of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change also introduces the environmental tourist areas in Qatar. Additionally, there is a large and engaging display of the digital environmental library, showcasing the ministry’s latest publications. The books and editions are presented in electronic format, making it easier to access and read them accurately through a dedicated browsing area.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change also provides an enjoyable opportunity for the public through a corner showcasing the best photographs of the local nature. These photographs, captured by the ministry’s lenses and local environmental enthusiasts, include creative shots of birds, marine creatures, wildlife, as well as images of Qatar’s environmental plants. Additionally, there is a dedicated corner for photography.

This initiative stems from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s belief in the importance of reading in shaping and forming the minds of future generations. The ministry also views reading and acquiring knowledge as the best means to create public awareness among citizens. Through its booth and the display of its publications, the ministry aims to raise environmental awareness within the local community and highlight the importance of preserving the local environment. It also seeks to showcase Qatar’s efforts in sustainable development over the past years, as well as its plans for the future.