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During the sidelines of the seventy-eighth session of the United Nations General Assembly, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is participating in a session on investment in education

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change participated in a session titled ‘Investment in Climate Change Education for a Green Future,’ organized by the Education Above All Foundation in collaboration with ‘Your Link.’ This took place on the sidelines of the seventy-eighth session of the United Nations General Assembly and the Climate Ambition Summit held in New York City, USA.

In his speech during the session, Engineer Ahmed Mohammed Al-Sada, Assistant Undersecretary for Climate Affairs at the Ministry, highlighted Qatar’s commitment to raising environmental awareness among young people. This commitment is realized through the integration of climate change and environmental topics into school and university curricula. The Environmental Schools Program incorporates climate change issues into both curriculum and extracurricular activities in these schools, contributing to the enhancement of environmental education and awareness among students.

He also stated that, in parallel with youth environmental awareness efforts, Qatar places great importance on research and innovation as a means to address these challenges. Qatar believes that knowledge is the only way to find solutions to these issues. He mentioned Qatar’s launch of the Qatar Research, Development, and Innovation (QRDI) Strategy 2030, which includes a research program that offers opportunities for university students to engage in scientific research. This enriches their research experiences in the field of climate and the environment, a key empowerment factor in achieving Qatar’s National Climate Change Action Plan.

During the session, student Badr Al-Amari, representing the youth, spoke about the significant role that Qatar’s youth play in preserving the environment and working towards its sustainability. In his remarks, he emphasized the importance of education in the field of climate change and environmental preservation. He also highlighted the support and facilities provided by the state to empower the youth in realizing this vision, as well as raising awareness and knowledge about sustainable development goals, especially environmental sustainability.