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GGGI hold climate transparency and national MRV system workshop

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MECC) in collaboration with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Qatar Office organized a capacity-building workshop entitled “Transparency in Action: Stakeholder Engagement for the National Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) System Development.” Convening over 50 officials from the government and private companies, the event aimed at introducing stakeholders to the MECC-GGGI MRV workstream, fostering effective connections among stakeholders, and providing insights into their roles to advance the development of the national MRV system. GGGI supports MECC in the development of the National MRV system, as part of Qatar’s Nationally Determined Contribution under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Saad Al-Hitmi, Director of Climate Change at MECC, affirmed that the national MRV is the backbone of Qatar’s commitment to understanding and effectively addressing climate change. “Stakeholder engagement is the cornerstone of a successful and inclusive MRV system. It recognizes that the challenges we face and the solutions we seek are not isolated but interconnected.”

GGGI Qatar Program Acting Head Chiden Balmes highlighted the workshop’s significance in the development of the National MRV system. “We urge all participants to engage actively,” he asserted. “National MRV is not just a technical process, it’s a vehicle for transparency, accountability, and progress in tracking emissions and assessing key actions covering both mitigation and adaptation.”

The workshop was developed and delivered by a team of GGGI staff and consultants CITEPA and Enviro Consulting International (ECI). The event is part of GGGI Qatar’s capacity-building initiative under the MECC-GGGI Cooperation Program on climate change and green growth.