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Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Organizes Electric, Hybrid Vehicle Exhibition for the public

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC) will organize an exhibition for electric and hybrid vehicles at the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) on Dec. 9, as part of its efforts to preserve the environment, reduce carbon emissions, and encourage the use of environmentally friendly means of transportation.

The event is organized in collaboration between the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change represented by the Green Development and Environmental Sustainability Department, and Sheikh Khalifa bin Ali Al Thani, an expert in electric car technology and techniques. The event is an opportunity for the public to learn about the latest models of electric and hybrid cars. Visitors will listen to the experiences of the owners of these cars and fruitful discussion between all parties will take place to learn about the characteristics of these cars and express their opinions and observations about the use of this kind of transportation.

HE Director of Green Development and Environmental Sustainability Department at the MoECC Sheikh Dr. Saud bin Khalifa Al-Thani stressed the importance of transition to the use of electric and hybrid cars as a vital step towards a more sustainable and pure future, noting that the transition to environmentally friendly means of transportation has become a priority that contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

For his part, HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Ali Al-Thani, an expert in technology and electric car technologies, said that the exhibition will increase awareness of the importance of electric and hybrid car technologies and their positive role in protecting the environment and reducing the effects of climate change, looking forward to the public’s interaction and effective participation in the event.

Electric and hybrid cars are considered among the most important innovations in modern transportation, effectively contributing to reducing carbon emissions and decreasing reliance on fossil fuels. These vehicles stand out for their high energy efficiency and lower operating costs compared to traditional cars.

Electric cars are an environmentally friendly choice due to their lack of emissions that can harm air quality. This makes them a vital element in Qatar’s local and global efforts to mitigate climate change and protect the environment. On the other hand, hybrid cars offer a blend of fuel efficiency and environmental performance by combining internal combustion engines with electric motors to enhance overall efficiency and reduce emissions. Encouraging the use of these types of vehicles represents a significant step toward achieving sustainable development and preserving our natural resources for future generations.