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South of Qatar in Al Nakash, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change detects a violation against soil erosion

The wildlife protection department of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has detected several people committing a violation of soil erosion and transporting an unauthorized burial, at south of Qatar in Al Nakash.

The wildlife department has written a record of the offender’s seizure and forwarded them to the competent authorities for legal action, in accordance with the provisions of laws and legislation protecting the local environment, as well as prohibiting the tampering of State property lands.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change called on all citizens and residents working in this area not to bulldoze the soil and transfer the burial anywhere in the state, unless the Ministry’s competent authorities had approved it, which had identified specific locations for that purpose, noting that the soil erosion causes the area to lose it natural resources and sabotage it.

The Ministry indicated that its competent departments, working throughout the day in all regions of the State, to monitor and detect any irregularities specific to the Qatari environment, at the same time stressing that in the event of any offence being detected that is harmful to the country’s environment and its diversity, whether plant, animal, soil or water, they will transfer the offenders to the responsible authorities, in accordance with Law No.(30) of 2002, on the protection of the Qatari environment, in accordance with Act No.10 of 1987 on State property.

Th Ministry noted that the protection of the local environment is the responsibility of all citizens and residents, as well as institutions and companies, in accordance with the laws and legislation established by the State to prevent any pollution or damage to the local environment, noting that the preservation of the local environment and the obligation to be responsible for it are indicative of the Qatari people’s good behavior and is compatible with their principles and behavior stemming from their desire for their culture and heritage.

Responsibility also prevents leaving waste and damaging the land and its vital diversity, and in compliance with the teachings of the Islamic religion, which urges the Muslim to preserve the environment and places of public benefit.