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The Minister of Environment and Climate Change inspects the progress of work in camping areas

HE Sheikh Dr. Faleh bin Nasser Al Thani, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, conducted an inspection tour of various northern, central, and southern areas of the country. The purpose was to review the operational mechanisms for the current 2023/2024 winter camping season.

He inspected the work progress of environmental inspectors in those areas, assessing their role in supervising camp installations. He also reviewed their efforts in educating citizens about the guidelines and instructions provided by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to preserve the environment and biodiversity. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of raising awareness about avoiding violations that might cause harm to the environment and its natural components.

HE the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, commended the vital role played by the environmental inspectors in camping areas during his meeting with them. He praised their efforts in raising awareness about the importance of preserving the local environment, fostering its development, and conserving its resources. He emphasized the significance of educating campers and all members of society about environmental laws and regulations.

He also emphasized the necessity of raising awareness about the negative impacts of overgrazing and releasing camels freely. He reminded the companies and public/private entities operating in these areas about the importance of acting responsibly and implementing eco-friendly practices. He highlighted that the role of inspectors isn’t solely focused on enforcing violations but relies on raising awareness and educating about environmental conservation laws and regulations.

This visit aligns with the comprehensive vision and strategy of the ministry, emphasizing the importance of enhancing societal awareness regarding local environmental issues. It reflects the ministry’s commitment to strengthening collaboration and communication with inspectors, listening to their observations and guidance to enhance and develop mechanisms for environmental monitoring and improvement.