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The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change monitors the breeding of ostrich birds in Al Reem reserve

The inspectors from the Department of Natural Reserves, in the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, have monitored the state of ostrich bird breeding in Al Reem reserve. By having some bird mothers lay 44 eggs in three nests. They also monitored the hatching of chicks (Raal) from these nests.

These chicks began a new life cycle under the auspices of officials from the Department of Nature Reserves and Al Reem reserve, who monitor the chicks’ condition and ensure its safety around the clock to sustain their growth, as well as having a team of specialists and veterinarians who provide full care for these animals whether to care for their health or to provide the appropriate food for their young life cycle. Which contributes to increasing their numbers.

This is a part of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s care programs for the reproduction of animals and organisms in Al Reem reserve. Which is a part of the ministry’s project of protecting innate life and living organisms in local environment. Where the program of breeding and increasing endangered animals in captivity, especially the Arabian oryx, Al Reem deer and ostriches, is considered one of the state’s leading and successful experiences in the field of repatriation and resettlement of local genetic resources.

Efforts have been successful in significantly increasing the number of ostriches over the past years, with having teams to oversight and monitor the behavior and reproduction of these organisms. And developing appropriate health programs during their lifetimes.