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وزارة البيئة والتغير المناخي تشارك بمؤتمر الامتثال الفعّال لمُكافحة الجرائم الماليّة

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change participates in the Effective Financial Crime Compliance Conference

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, represented by Mr. Hassan Al Qasimi, Director of Monitoring and Environmental Laboratory, participated in the Effective Financial Crime Compliance Conference, which was organized in partnership with the Global Compliance Institute, with the participation of specialists from Qatar, Australia, Britain and the United States of America.


The conference was attended by Dr. Hashim Al Sayed, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Qatar Certified Public Accountants Association, Mr. Abdullah Al Mansoori, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Qatar Certified Accountants Association, Mr. Naji Al Ajji, Director of the Department of Private Associations and Institutions, Mr. Gudni Stiholt, CEO of Doha Bank, and Ms. Rana Al Hajri, representing the Audit Bureau.


The conference was attended by 169 representatives of the participating entities concerned with financial procedures, and the conference discussed several topics, the most important of which are: supervisory authorities and financial investigation offices and their role in combating financial crimes, protecting the integrity and stability of financial systems through supervisory authorities and investigations, and the role of effective compliance in combating financial crimes, and the financial innovations and technologies and their impact on financial crime and risk management.


On the sidelines of the conference, the Awareness Department of the Public Relations Department of the Ministry, participated in the exhibition accompanying the conference, in an awareness pavilion.


The most important achievements and projects of the Ministry in the field of environmental sustainability were presented, the attendees were introduced to the activities and events provided by the Ministry, and a number of books and environmental publications were displayed in a mini library in the pavilion, as well as environmental awareness videos.