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The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change receives an international award, placing it on the global map of Geographic Information Systems achievements

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has achieved a distinguished global accomplishment by receiving the Excellence Award (SAGAward) in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) presented by the leading American institute ESRI in the field of geographic information systems.

The ministry will receive the award during the ESRI User Conference for Geographic Information Systems worldwide, organized by the institute in San Diego, California, USA. The conference is scheduled to take place from July 10th to 14th, 2023. This recognition is attributed to their implementation of the Al-Reem Biosphere Reserve.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change surpassed over 100,000 institutions worldwide by showcasing the applications of Geographic Information Systems technology in the Al-Reem Biosphere Reserve. This award is presented to user sites around the globe as an acknowledgment of outstanding work utilizing Geographic Information Systems technology.

The application of the Al-Reem Biosphere Reserve is considered one of the best online Geographic Information Systems applications on a global scale. This application provides a window into the Al-Reem Biosphere Reserve, utilizing Geographic Information Systems technology to spotlight the significance of the reserve. It presents this importance through a valuable, educational, and information-rich narrative.

The application includes dynamic maps, analyses, images, and illustrative graphics that showcase all aspects of the reserve, including its geophysical characteristics, as well as its fauna, flora, and main components. It places particular emphasis on highlighting the relationship between humans and the biosphere. This serves as a window to the outside world, aiming to generate interest and awareness within the community.

This global recognition will place the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change on the global map of Geographic Information Systems achievements. Furthermore, it will enhance coordination and collaboration with the geographic information systems community at national, regional, and international levels.

The Al-Reem Biosphere Reserve is considered one of the most significant protected areas in Qatar in terms of both local and international dimensions. The reserve was established by Decree No. (7) of the year 2005, recognizing it as an ecologically unique area with significant historical and cultural values.

In 2007, the Al-Reem Biosphere Reserve was designated as a biosphere reserve under UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Program, making it the first and only reserve within this program in Qatar and one of 30 reserves in 10 Arab countries. The overarching goal of the reserve is to protect the main environmental systems and their associated cultural values while conserving them.

This reserve represents Qatar’s natural heritage through a participatory approach that enhances a sense of national ownership. It involves establishing an institution for sustainable resource management, supporting awareness and education efforts, and preserving the rights of future generations to enjoy their country’s natural and cultural heritage.