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The Ministry of Environment is conducting inspection campaigns on industrial facilities

The Monitoring and Inspection Department of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is currently conducting an inspection campaign targeting 400 industrial facilities in several industrial zones across the country. The campaign aims to ensure the renewal of official permits for these establishments and to monitor any violations that may contravene operational regulations.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has urged all owners of small and medium-sized industrial facilities throughout the state of Qatar to expedite the renewal of environmental permits and operational licenses. This is to avoid violations that inspection committees may impose if any discrepancies are found with the official permits specified by the law. The ministry emphasized that it will not tolerate any violations and will take strict actions against those who do not comply.

The Monitoring and Inspection Department is conducting inspection campaigns on industrial facilities in all industrial areas across the country. This is done to monitor the conditions of the factories and ensure their compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and conditions stipulated in their issued environmental permits. Additionally, it aims to verify the renewal of permits issued by the relevant authorities in the country.

The campaign is conducted in coordination with relevant entities as part of the ministry’s annual plan for periodic and surprise inspections of factories and facilities holding environmental permits. The aim is to regulate those who violate environmental regulations and laws, and to ensure the proper implementation of the ministry’s environmental preservation measures.

The campaign covers factories located in various industrial zones across the country, such as the small and medium industries area, Mesaieed area, the Doha Industrial Area, and Al Sailiya. The objective of these campaigns is to ensure that the management of these establishments adheres to the required environmental standards. This is part of the ministry’s efforts to eliminate pollution, mitigate harmful impacts on the environment, ensure compliance with obtained permits, adhere to the necessary environmental regulations for operating such institutions, and ensure collaboration with relevant entities to maintain a clean and sustainable environment in Qatar.