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Through a workshop organized by the Ministry of Environment, school students were introduced to electronic waste

The Public Relations and Communication Department of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change provided an informative workshop for students of Hatteen Primary School under the title ‘My Creations from Electronic Waste.’ The workshop aimed to introduce students to the various types and sources of electronic waste, as well as its environmental hazards and impacts on human health.

The workshop, attended by 33 fourth-grade students, also provided information about the proper and safe methods of disposing of electronic waste. It emphasized the importance of not discarding electronic waste in regular trash bins on the streets or in front of homes. This caution is due to the hazardous and toxic chemical substances present in electronic waste, which could seep into the ground and contaminate groundwater. Additionally, such waste can pose significant health risks if touched, as well as contribute to air pollution through the release of dust particles when exposed to sunlight and decomposition.

The students at the school were also informed about Qatar’s role in handling such hazardous waste. This stems from the country’s commitment to the environment and human health, which the state holds in high importance. Qatar takes environmentally friendly and non-harmful approaches when dealing with this type of waste, prioritizing safe practices.

The students of Hatteen School were introduced to the concept of electronic waste, its sources, which include devices like computers, televisions, mobile phones, and all computer peripherals such as cameras and microphones, as well as household electronic appliances. The students were also educated about the materials contained within such waste, which are considered pollutants to the environment.

The workshop also provided methods for recycling some of these waste materials at home, such as utilizing CDs used in computers to create certain games. This initiative reflects the commitment of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to promote environmental awareness and culture among school students. This is particularly important considering the significant and influential role they play in Qatari society.