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Hamad Khalifa AlKhulaifi in brief

Qatari photographer and environmental activist; he started his environmental career after noticing a significant shortage in the ranks of migratory and endangered birds in the country. He then turned to research and reading about them, and made an archive of biodiversity in the Qatari environment

Ali Talib Al Hanzab

A Qatari environmental activist who has planted more than 5,000 seedlings on the Qatari mainland in the past three years through his initiative "The Qatar Land Reforestation Initiative", which began its journey by planting the first seedlings in 2019 and continued to distribute seedlings to

Shaimaa Al Mutawa

A Qatari woman who works as a rescue and first aid trainer. She is considered one of the most prominent women interested in the marine environment in Qatar; as she specializes in diving and swimming. She is the fourth certified scuba diving instructor in Qatar,

His Excellency Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Bin Thani Al Thani

An environmental activist and lover of nature, he has environmental contributions and an effective role in preserving wildlife and biodiversity in the State of Qatar. He is the owner of "Umm Haysh" nature reserve. The reserve was established in 1950 by his father, Sheikh Abdullah

Dabia Abdullah Bin Muhammad As-Siliti, Researcher

The environmental activist, Dabia Abdullah Bin Muhammad As-Siliti, Manager of Al-Khamis Reserve of Truffles and Wild Plants, is one of the first activists who advocates launching environmental development initiatives. She started her environmental volunteering work on 1997. In addition, she is a researcher and lecturer