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Assistant Undersecretary’s Office

The office of the Assistant Undersecretary is headed by a director, who undertakes the following functions:

  • Organize the files, correspondence and papers of the Assistant Undersecretary office.
  • Receive correspondences directed to the Assistant Undersecretary office, prepare them for presentation, and distribute them to the competent authorities, in accordance with his instructions.
  • Prepare memos and correspondence assigned by the Assistant Undersecretary.
  • Contact various authorities to obtain data required by the Assistant Undersecretary.
  • Notify the concerned authorities of the visas and instructions of the Assistant Undersecretary, follow up their implementation, and inform him of what has been done in their regard.
  • Receive complaints directed to the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry, and present them to him, implement and follow up on what is issued by him in their regard.
  • Any other tasks assigned to him.