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The Internal Audit Department

The Internal Audit Department handles the following responsibilities:

1- Submit the risk-based draft plan for the annual audit to the Ministry and the Minister for approval, as well as submit reports on the findings of audits.

2- Monitor the extent to which laws and regulations are being followed.

3- Review financial instructions and propose potential amendments, as well as monitor their implementation.

4- Monitor the administrative workflow and the protocols put in place as pertains to employees, including, but not limited to, appointment, vacations, and promotions, and ascertain whether or not the relevant laws, regulations, and resolutions are being followed.

5- Monitor financial and accounting proceedings, as well as payment vouchers and ledgers, and ascertain that all relevant established laws are being followed in those proceedings.

6- Assess the risks with respect to financial and administrative auditing and propose actions to limit said risks.

7- Audit the rectifying procedures enacted by the relevant administrative units in line with the finding of auditing, and submit regular reports on the matter.

8- Ensure the safety of funds, trusts, furniture, equipment, buildings, and other possessions owned by, or under the supervision of the Ministry.

9- Partake in regular and surprise stocktaking of warehouses and trusts, and ensure the accuracy of logs and the adequacy of procedures being implemented.

10- Follow up on the findings of the reports submitted by the various government regulatory agencies and submit recommendations.