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Climate Change Department

Climate Change Department is responsible for the following:

  • Propose policies, develop plans and programs related to reducing emissions that cause the phenomenon of climate change, follow up their implementation with the competent authorities, and suggest ways to adapt to its effects.
  • Suggest policies and programs related to encouraging the use of renewable energy sources, cleaner production projects and consumed sustainable production, and follow up on their implementation, in coordination with the competent authorities.
  • Approve the bodies responsible for implementing programs and projects to adapt to the effects of climate change.
  • Review and approve programs and projects for clean development, renewable energy, and adaptation to the phenomenon of climate change.
  • Prepare guidelines on clean development projects and adaptation projects to the effects of climate change.
  • Prepare studies and reports on climate change, in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
  • Encourage national initiatives in the field of climate change.
  • Follow up on the implementation of international agreements related to climate change, and highlight the country’s efforts in the field of climate change to the international community.
  • Enhance the state’s participation in technical information, reports and scientific studies in cooperation with national, regional and international bodies concerned with climate change.
  • Participate in reviewing studies that include everything related to climate change, and the protection of the ozone layer, and set the appropriate terms and requirements for it.
  • Cooperate with international bodies and organizations to benefit from their programs, activities and support under the framework of agreements related to climate change, and the protocols attached to them, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
  • Supervise the mechanisms and voluntary programs included in the agreements related to climate change and the protocols attached thereto, and participate in spreading environmental and societal awareness of everything related to the issue of climate change, and the protection of the ozone layer.
  • Execute the state’s obligations towards the international conventions concerned with the protection of the ozone layer and their protocols, and supervise and follow up the plans of international organizations and the implementing agencies and their affiliates.