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The Financial & Administrative Affairs Department

The Financial & Administrative Affairs Department handles the following responsibilities:

1- Implement the financial and administrative laws, regulations, and system as relates to the work of the Ministry.

2- Prepare a draft annual budget for the environment and a final total in coordination with the relevant administrative units.

3- Secure the needs of the Ministry and its various administrative units, including all the equipment and machinery needed to fulfill its task, in coordination with the relevant

4- Handle the purchases, tenders, and auctions in line with the State of Qatar’s applicable laws.

5- Supervise the process of implementing accreditation and audit all revenue and expense estimations.

6- Receive, send, sort, and log incoming and outgoing mail.

7- Arrange the Ministry’s archive and store documents in accordance with the latest methods.

8- Handle and prepare all paperwork related to financial transactions, including expense vouchers.

9- Collect the fees and costs of the services performed by the Ministry.

10- Handle all administrative services.

11- Oversee the storerooms owned by the Ministry.