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Terms of the service:

To access or to use the website of Ministry of Environment & climate change in Qatar ( has its terms , conditions, and notices that are set below in (Terms of Service). Please read these terms carefully as Your usage of the sit’s contents is the agreement of these terms. We reserve all rights, according to what we see, to change, modify, update, add, or delete portions of these terms of Service at any time, and your usage of the site will be considered a conditional usage with the terms of service, which coincides with the time of your site usage. In addition, when you use certain services, you receive any instructions related to these services or for our partners in the service. You must explore this page periodically to make sure of the changes that occurred. If you do not agree to these terms, you should immediately blocked from the usage of this site.

Copyrights and Notices of Trademarks
The website ( is accessed through the Ministry of Environment & climate change in Qatar. All mentioned contents in the site ( re reserved by the international laws and the copyrights that the site is built on are for the state of Qatar.

These rights are valid and protected in all forms, media and other technical means currently available or developed in the future.

The Term
Please read this Term carefully before using the site, (, this site was prepared in the form in which it is. The site ( denies all as permitted by applicable law, any guarantees of any kind, expresses or indicates on Our ability to provide or not to breach security, or accuracy or continuity
You recognize that your usage or get approved on this Site is at your own risk and you are only responsible strictly for any loss or damage may result from such use.

The ( does not provide any guarantees, of expression or indication, on the operation of this site, or servers that are owned, or any information contained or provided by this website that include non limitation of any guarantees that this service will not be violated, or they it be available continuously, or allover the time, or Secured, or free of errors, or free of viruses or other harmful parts.

Blocking and Continuity
Under any circumstances, where the site ( is exposed to any kind of loss or damage, so that was expected does not include the to the directly or indirectly damages, temporary, cruel, and especially that resulted by the usage of this site, including the accuracy or timeliness, or continuity, or deletion, or failure of any communication or payment, or within the frame profile. Although of the provision of the site ( for a set of links to other sites, the site ( does not represent, or provide guarantees on any site we provide a link through our site, including, but not limited to, representations or guarantees as to the quality, accuracy, or the continuity of such sites.

Privacy Policies
The site ( has the right to express with information necessary to comply with law, regulation or governmental request at all times. The policy of confidentiality in line with our terms of service. with your acceptance the Terms of Service, you give us the agreement to use or publish your personally identifiable clearly and in accordance with the Privacy Policy terms. If we change our privacy policy, we will change it in the privacy policy page of the website where you are always aware that the personal information we collected and how we use it and under what circumstances we publish it.

The sites that have links to the site ( are not under ( control and the site is not responsible of you when any damages are occurred , about the connections or contents of those sites.

The site ( does not intend putting links on a site of the Ministry of Environment & climate change a move or support to the content of those sites, but only its presence is related to the solvency of the contents of the site and the Ministry of Environment & climate change. You recognize that the site ( and its affiliates are not responsible of any damages You agree not to insist on the claim for damages against the website that are resulted from the usage of the site or any of the products or services available through the site ( of the third partner.


The site ( has the full right, according to his vision, to cancel your right to use the site of the Ministry of Environment & climate change, or portion of that right thereof at any time with or without giving reasons.

The has the right to prevent you from using the Site immediately if you subscribe to any act shown as unacceptable or illegal, according to the trend or the vision of the site, or because the violating of the service conditions of the site.
In case of cancellation , you are being not permitted to use the this prevented portion again.

You are approving that the site does not have any responsibility towards you or the third partner due to this prevention.

The entire agreement
Terms of Service represent the entire agreement between the site ( and you on the subject content in this Agreement and it cancels all previous agreements, written or oral proposals and communications.

As the behaves or the commercial experience between the parterres to make the amendment of the Terms under the service.

Any failure to the site of the Ministry of Environment & climate change of applying the comply strictly with the terms of this service will not be construed as a waiver of any of its rights following any waiver of breach of terms of the service for the site (, this will not be considered a waiver of any previous or later violation. You also may be subjected to the additional terms and conditions that may be applied when you use the services of a third party through the site ( in the case of any conflict between any terms and conditions of such third party and these Terms of Service, the terms of service will prevail.

If any extension of this Agreement is illegal, or not assumed for any reason, it would be interpreted to some extent consistent with applicable law, almost as much as possible, to reflect the original intentions of the parties, or failure of any such an interpretation, which would make the extension valid, it considered capable of being separated from this Agreement without affecting the validity and enforceability of the remaining parts of service conditions which will remain at full power.

Governing Law:
This agreement is under the laws applied the State of Qatar, and in the event of any disagreements or disputes related g to the present of this agreement , so the courts of the state of Qatar is concerned with this these agreements.