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The Information System Department

The Information System Department handles the following responsibilities:

1- Devise and supervise the implementation of the plans and policies that regulate the use of computers in the Ministry work.

2- Program, maintain, develop, and retrieve the system information and databases used in the Ministry.

3- Secure the Ministry’s systems, software, networks, and digital infrastructure against digital risks.

4- Put together recovery plans in the event of digital issues happening, as well as mitigate and minimize their risks and likelihood in line with the guideline of information security, and in coordination with the relevant bodies.

5- Supply and maintain the necessary equipment, software, and networks for the Ministry’s work in coordination with the relevant administrative units.

6- Design and operate databases.

7- Provide technical support for all workers using technology in their work at the Ministry, as well as the necessary training for the use of said technology.

8- Design, maintain, and update the Ministry’s website.