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The Environmental Assessment and Permit Department

The Environmental Assessment and Permit Department is responsible for the following:

  • Study applications for environmental permits for establishments, projects and activities, conduct the necessary inspection to issue permits for them, and follow up on their validity period.
  • Prepare the specifications, conditions and environmental requirements that establishments, projects and activities must implement, to ensure the protection of the environment.
  • Assess the environmental status of existing facilities, for the purpose of issuing an environmental permit for them.
  • Review and evaluate environmental impact assessment studies, and studies of environmental risks, and what is similar, with regard to facilities, projects and activities, and issue approvals in their regard.
  • Review and evaluate studies related to the strategic environmental assessment, and issue approvals for them in relation to policies, plans, programs and what is similar.
  • Supervise the application of environmental impact assessment and environmental sustainability.
  • Cooperate with the competent authorities to develop, define and interpret environmental specifications and standards, and prepare frameworks and explanatory notes related to them.
  • Review the documents of terms of reference and scope of work for studies and plans.
  • Lay the foundations and requirements for evaluating environmental consultants and contractors for the purposes of registration and accreditation.
  • Receive and evaluate the requests of environmental consultants and contractors submitted for the purposes of registration and accreditation, issue a recommendation thereon, follow up on the companies’ performance periodically, and issue their lists.
  • Issue environmental approvals related to environmental impact assessment studies.
  • Issue operating permits for facilities after ensuring that they meet the environmental conditions and requirements.
  • Follow-up plans to correct the conditions of establishments for the purpose of issuing operating permits.