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The Environmental Monitoring and Laboratory Department

The Environmental Monitoring and Laboratory Department is responsible for the following:

  • Prepare and implement monitoring plans and programs for air, water and soil.
  • Monitor the rates and percentages of pollutants in nature, to ensure that they do not exceed the permissible limits and standards.
  • Establish and operate networks and systems for continuous monitoring of pollutant concentration levels in residential, industrial and commercial areas, oil fields, landfill sites, and others.
  • Determine the different sources of pollutants, and determine the priorities to be followed by the competent authorities, to control these sources and to reduce and determine the maximum amount of pollutants issued by them.
  • Review and approve the technology plans used to monitor, treat and limit pollutants.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the results of measuring the various pollutants in the country, compare them with the permissible limits, and create a database of their own.
  • Develop indicators of the state of the environment and prepare periodic reports on them.
  • Ensure the correctness of the data provided by industrial establishments regarding polluting emissions and the amount of waste.
  • Review and approve monitoring plans and reports for air, water, soil, noise and indoor environment.
  • Determine and approve the locations of air, noise and water quality monitoring stations in the marine environment, determine the types of measured pollutants, the devices and techniques used, review and approve their studies, and follow up on the commitment of the concerned authorities to them.
  • Plan, organize and provide sampling services and examinations, in addition to radiological, chemical, physical, biological field, and laboratory analyzes of environmental pollutants and their components.
  • Prepare quality control policies and plans for environmental laboratories and carry out the process of evaluating, classifying and registering environmental laboratories.


Administration location: Al Adaid Tower – Opposite City Center – Floor (12)