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What is the Environmental Pioneers Initiative?
An initiative launched by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change with the aim of raising awareness of the challenges of climate change, and the importance of protecting the environment; by involving the various activists in society, individuals and institutions, to meet the challenges of climate change, and preserve the fungal environment and biodiversity in Qatar’s environment.

Who are the Environmental Pioneers?  

  • Projects that contribute to increasing food inventory.
  • Activists who have contributed to improving the environmental situation in Qatar.
  • Journalists constantly contributing to raising awareness of environmental issues and climate change.
  • Owners of voluntary environmental initiatives.
  • Participation in voluntary campaigns such as camps, cleaning and cultivation campaigns that contribute to the sustainability of natural resources.
  • Everyone who has environmental contributions and activities seeking to preserve the natural life and biodiversity in the country.
  • Each person who has created a database of living organisms in Qatar (marine, terrestrial, birds…etc.).
  • Institutions that support environmental initiatives and actively contribute to the efforts that reduces air pollution, and protect biodiversity in the country.

What are the initiative goals?

  • Protect and improve the environmental situation in Qatar.
  • Enhance the mechanism of joint action in environmental issues.
  • Raise awareness of challenges related to sustainability and climate change.
  • Appreciate and support the contributions of leading individuals and institutions in the field of environment and climate change.
  • Stimulate community participation in various disciplines and interests, to meet the climate change challenges.
  • Enhance the contribution of society segments, to achieve the pillar of environmental development, which is one of Qatar Vision 2030 pillars.
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